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Five Days in Babylon

Named a Finalist in the Regional Fiction category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards!

The Indie Book Awards was established to recognize and honor the most exceptional independently published books in 60 different categories, for the year

Nashville Book Festival

Honorable Mention, General Fiction, 2009 Nashville Book Festival

2009 Beach Book Festival Winner, Honorable Mention, General Fiction

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Suspect in Seattle firebombing arrested in Chicago

A fugitive wanted in connection with the 2001 firebombing of the University of Washington's horticulture center is now in federal custody after his arrest in Chicago on Wednesday.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle says 31-year-old Justin Solondz was arrested following his expulsion from China, where he had been serving a prison sentence on drug charges.

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Read the FBI's Wanted Poster here.

"Hacktivism" Spreads

The growing phenomena of "Hacktivism", whereby groups and individuals use hacking and cyberattacks as a form of dissent, is steadily growing. Anonymous Operations is among the main groups falling under the category of hactivists, and has garnered international attention through their operations, with targets ranging from Iran to Sony.

Following the White House release of an international cyberspace strategy, issues of cybersecurity and hacking are gaining heavy attention. The report even states in part that cyberattacks can be regarded as acts of war.

If a Tree Falls...

Watch the PBS feature POV Episode: If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

"If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front" explores two pressing issues - environmentalism and terrorism - by lifting the veil on a radical environmental group the FBI calls America's "number one domestic terrorism threat." Daniel McGowan, a former member of the Earth Liberation Front, faces life in prison for two multimillion-dollar arsons against Oregon timber companies

EcoTerrorism Strikes

Bathed in the headlines of today, P.L. Reiter's latest novel shines light on the shadowy group who call themselves the "E.L.F." - the Earth Liberation Front.

ELF claims credit for toppling radio towers

Sept 09, 2009

Radio tower falls due to ELF action

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- A piece of heavy equipment was used to topple two towers for Everett radio station KRKO, and the national Earth Liberation Front says their members are responsible.

ELF uses heavy equipment to destroy tower

"Due to the health and environmental risks associated with radio waves emitted from the towers, we applaud this act by the ELF," Jason Crawford, a spokesman for the North American ELF Press Office said.

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First Domestic Fugitive Added to

FBI's Most Wanted List

WMD Attack by 2013 on US?

Dec. 16, 2008

A report released by a congressional commission earlier this month says it is "more likely than not" that a weapon of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist attack by the end of 2013. The report said the use of a biological weapon that could include something like deadly anthrax bacteria is most likely.

Mink Farm, OR

Panel warns biological attack likely by 2013

December 01, 2008
By PAMELA HESS, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The United States can expect a terrorist attack using nuclear or more likely biological weapons before 2013, reports a bipartisan commission in a study being briefed Tuesday to Vice President-elect Joe Biden. It suggests the Obama administration bolster efforts to counter and prepare for germ warfare by terrorists.

"Our margin of safety is shrinking, not growing," states the report, obtained by The Associated Press. It is scheduled to be publicly released Wednesday.

The commission is also encouraging the new White House to appoint one official on the National Security Council to exclusively coordinate U.S. intelligence and foreign policy on combating the spread of nuclear and biological weapons.

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Domestic Terrorists are alive and well and committing mayhem

Spokane Anarchists. An actual cluster of active, intelligent and innovative young people trying to bring about change....or simply commiting mayhem? In one of the first property crimes connected to Spokane's growing anarchist movement, a grand jury indicted a Spokane man for vandalizing a pair of military recruiting stations in the city.

Mink Farm, OR

Mink Farm Targeted

October 22, 2008

Fur Commission USA is offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction after several cases of mink being released from ranches in the western United States and British Columbia.

Sheriff's deputies said the latest case came early Friday morning when mink were released from Ylipelto's Fur Farm and then ran into an Astoria neighborhood.

The owners were able to catch the majority of the mink, but hundreds are still running loose.

Breanna Regier, who lives in the area, said the loose mink are cause for concern.

"When they're outside playing, I just worry because a few neighbors say they've been running around in their yards," Regier said. "I don't want the kids getting bit or anything like that."

Thirty-five mink were killed by large dogs, according to the Fur Commission.

The North American Animal Liberation said on its Web site that animal liberationists sent an anonymous communiqué claiming responsibility for the raid. The statement said an unknown activist opened the cages to free the mink from people who "abuse innocent life."

The identity of the person who opened the cage remains unknown.

In September, the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for releasing hundreds of mink from a fur farm in Scio. Last April, the ALF also said it released 53 mink from the Jefferson Fur Farm.

Woodinville, WA

20 Year Sentence for Eco-Terror Plot

May 9, 2008

SACRAMENTO - An environmental activist was sentenced yesterday to nearly 20 years in federal prison for conspiring to destroy a Northern California dam, a genetics lab, a forestry site and other targets.

Eric McDavid, 29, of Foresthill in Placer County, was convicted by a federal jury in March for masterminding what FBI agents described as an eco-terrorist plot in the name of the Earth Liberation Front. The group has claimed credit for arsons across the West.

McDavid's defense lawyer argued his client was a victim of entrapment by an FBI informant. Two co-conspirators, Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner, pleaded guilty and cooperated with the government. They will be sentenced later.

McDavid's sentence of 235 months in a federal prison "should serve as a cautionary tale to those who would conspire to commit life-threatening acts in the name of their extremist views," U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott said.

Federal prosecutors said the targets the three defendants planned to attack included the U.S. Forest Service Institute of Forest Genetics, the Nimbus Dam and Fish Hatchery near Sacramento, cellular telephone towers and electric power stations.

As part of the plot, Weiner ordered a book called "Poor Man's James Bond" with recipes and instructions for creating explosive devices, prosecutors said. McDavid, Jenson and Weiner were arrested in January 2006 outside a store in Auburn in the Sierra foothills after buying items to create the explosives, prosecutors said.

At the end of a long hearing before a crowded courtroom, U.S. District Judge Morrison C. England Jr. found McDavid's plan to "disrupt government and commercial installations" overrode the fact that McDavid had no criminal history and a reputation among family and friends as "a peaceful individual."

As recently as the 3rd of March, 2008, this group appears to have been involved in the torching of five multi-million dollar homes on the "Street of Dreams", in Woodinville, Washington.

University of Washington Fire

Headline, March 07, 2008

A federal jury found an Oakland woman guilty of two counts of arson for being the lookout in the 2001 burning of the University of Washington's Center for Urban Horticulture by members of the radical Earth Liberation Front.

The Earth Liberation Front is a loosely organized collection of radical environmentalists authorities say is responsible for other arsons in the Northwest and other locations around the western United States.

Author P.L. Reiter captures the intrigue of these events, told through the eyes of a Viet Nam war veteran who was awarded the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action. Jack Stone prefers to use alcohol to blot out the voices that rage in his head, rather than as a fuel to torch multi-million dollar dwellings in the name of saving the environment.

Two Confess to Helping Firebomb UW Facility in 2001

Justice for the ELF

Two defendants pleaded guilty to participating in the firebombing of the UW Center for Urban Horticulture in 2001, one of a string of destructive crimes committed by members of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front.

Jennifer Kolar, 33, of Seattle, and Lacey Phillabaum, 31, of Spokane, promised to testify against other members of their group at future trials. Kolar faces five to seven years in prison. Phillabaum faces a three- to five-year term.

The arson burned Merrill Hall beyond repair; severely damaged the Elisabeth Miller Horticulture Library; ruined the work space of 50 research faculty members, graduate students and staff; destroyed one-quarter of the world's population of an endangered plant species; consumed decades' worth of academic literature; closed cooperative extension offices; and melted hundreds of slides, including some illustrating the step-by-step recovery of Mount St. Helens.

It cost the UW $7 million in state funds and private gifts to rebuild the center. The underground group claimed it was targeting genetically engineered poplar trees. However, only traditional breeding methods were used in the research. A genetically engineered plant of any kind has never been released into the environment. Of the ELF, the lead researched said at the time, "They're unbelievably ignorant about science. We're not dealing with the brightest pennies in the fountain, here."

In the plea agreement, Kolar and Phillabaum explained how they met with Briana Waters, 30, of Berkeley, Calif.; Justin Solondz, 27, who is now a fugitive; and William Rogers, who committed suicide in an Arizona jail cell last year; to commit the crime. Waters was allegedly a lookout while the others attacked the building. Kolar said she cut the window glass at Bradshaw's office. The two women said that Rogers and one other defendant went inside, placing incendiary devices in the office. Waters faces a trial next year on arson charges.

EcoTerrorism in Los Angeles

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Maria, a beautiful, resourceful, and highly motivated latina, has been brainwashed by the high mucky-mucks of the E.L.F. to shut down a nuclear reactor at San Onofre, California, before it contaminates their idyllic lifestyle. In the process, several people are killed, and a mysterious white powder begins to envelop all of Los Angeles, with disastrous results.

female with dimond

The Author's Motivation

In 2002, P.L. Reiter was working as a system consultant in Los Angeles for the world's largest automobile manufacturer, driving six hours a day in the commute from San Diego to LA. This gave him lots of time to contemplate various subjects, such as how to stop driving six hours a day. Looking at the bigger picture, he had been doing this type of computer work for over 25 years, and decided it was high time he did something else. He didn't want some Information Systems gibberish scrawled on his tombstone when he died.

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