Record of Essential events:

23rd August:

Tropical Depressive disorder Twelve created over the Bahamas.

NHC issues warning in New mexico

Friday, Aug 26:

Maximum continual winds acquired again improved to 75 mph and Katrina was upgraded again to a Category 1 storm. Saturday August 27:

Category several intensity.

State of emergency released and a called for a voluntary evacuation. Stick with the state's expulsion plan but not order an important evacuation till 30 hours before the expected landfall Saturday, August twenty-eight:

By simply 7: 00 AM it was a Category 5 storm, with maximum sustained gusts of wind of a hundred seventy five mph squalls up to one hundred ninety mph and a central pressure of 902 mbar. President Rose bush declared a situation of crisis in The state of alabama and Mississippi, and an important disaster in Florida. Mon, August up to 29:

2nd landfall for Buras-Triumph, Louisiana, with suffered winds of more than 125 mph. 3rd landfall near Pearlington, Mississippi and Slidell, Louisiana, with endured winds of 120 mph. By 11: 00 ARE, there was approximately 10 feet of normal water in St Bernard Parish. Many rooftops could not be seen here because they were immersed. President Bush declared a significant disaster to get Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, under the authority of the Stafford Act. Tuesday, August 30:

At doze: 00 EVENING, New Orleans levee breaches could not always be plugged. Chief of the servants Blanco ordered that all of Fresh Orleans, like the Superdome, be evacuated as a result of flooding of the city. Numerous buses removed more than 15, 000 people that were stranded in the town to the Superdome by Thursday, September 1 ) Wednesday, September 31:

A Nationwide Guard supplies the Louisiana Superdome in down-town New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina is downgraded to a warm depression.

Planned sandbagging levee breach had failed.

85% of the town was underwater.

The remains of the typhoon caused tracks in upper Quebec to get rutted and eroded simply by heavy rain fall, isolating the north shoreline communities for a number of days. Friday, September two:

Rose bush signs the $10. a few billion comfort package after Congress exceeded it. Bush tours the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast, saying that he is placing your order additional active duty forces towards the region. This individual also authorizes a drawdown of petrol from the Proper Petroleum Hold. 18, 678 Army Countrywide Guard and 2, 464 Air National Guard were deployed. Sunday, September three or more:

200525, 548 Army Countrywide Guard and 3, 998 Air National Guard were deployed On the, September 5:

The evacuation of the Superdome is over. 29, 588 Army Countrywide Guard and 4, 596 Air Countrywide Guard were deployed.

Key Hazards:

Substantial sustained gusts of wind

Falling Debris

Storm Rise

Disease from the water

Category five Storm


Car jackings

City certainly not functional 3 months

1 million refugees

1242 died

Extensive flooding from levee breached

Congestion giving city as a result of evacuation

Prisoners evacuated, 7500 stuck in highway

Evaluate the immediate response to the Storm:

1 . Within just four times of Katrina's landfall signed a $10. some billion aid package and ordered six, 200 National Guard soldiers to the region. A few days later $51. 8 billion dollars in aid. 2 . Hundreds of firefighters from other cities who also volunteered to help in the response were rerouted to The atlanta area, where they will sat through two days of presentations before being provided for New Orleans. 3. Mayor Ray Nagin for not purchasing an evacuation of the town until below 24 hours prior to Katrina's landfall. Nearby Plaquemines Parish acquired ordered a great evacuation a day earlier. four. Then-New South america Gov. Costs Richardson presented 200 users of his state's national guard to assist Louisiana the morning the Katrina hit, nevertheless a notification from Buenos aires authorizing the move failed to arrive right up until five days later on. 5. Vp Dick Cheney's office called a Mississippi electricity cooperative and ordered repair crews to bring back...