1984 in-Class Essay

1984 in-Class Essay 18.08.2019
 1984 in-Class Essay

1984 In-Class Essay

Vocabulary is simply thought incarnate. In 1984, a dystopian novel by George Orwell, break down of terminology is a strong contributor towards the downfall of humanity; this augments the growing power of the totalitarian government throughout the implementation of Newspeak. Terminology in 1984 is systematically torn straight down by the federal government as a way to limit range of thought, contributing to the theme that society and culture come about as a result of dialect.

Near the beginning of the novel, Winston holds a conversation with Syme about the Newspeak dictionary Syme is working away at. " 'Don't you see which the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the selection of thought? In the end we shall help to make thought-crime literally impossible, simply because there will be zero words in which to express it'” (Orwell 52). This verse contributes to the concept language is definitely thought. While Syme said, committing thoughtcrime, or considering at all, can easily be achieved in the event there are words to express this. By wrecking these words and phrases, the government is usually, in effect, wrecking creativity and innovation; this, in turn, brings about the ultimate downfall of society and culture. Devoid of society and culture, morality and empathy are still left as the final bastions of humanity. During this process, a change in the nature of language is visible; it may be a tool accustomed to restrict thought, instead of a manifestation of believed. An example that supports this can be a man wonderful secretary speaking at a table near Winston. Even though he is speaking words, that they lack existence and thought; his conversation has been limited to praise of massive Brother. This shows that through control of language, control of thought is very likely.

The nonsensical language Newspeak also plays a part in the overall which means of the story through the elimination of poets, artists, and musicians. Since they thrive on imagination, they are the most affected by removing language. While Winston explained, they are the initially to go because the government develops...

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