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Antigone: Keen Law vs . Human Law

Possibly the most significant theme in Sophocles' " Antigone" is definitely the concept of keen law versus human legislation. In the account the two siblings, Eteocles and Polyneices have slain the other person in battle. The new Full Creon, whom assumed the throne after Eteocles' death, decrees that because Polyneices committed treason against the king, he will not be buried, but instead " He shall be still left unburied for all to watch The corpse mutilated and enjoyed by carrion-birds and by dogs" (Sophocles). Here lies the dilemma; in Greek lifestyle, the nature of a body system that is not smothered by sundown on the day that it died are unable to find snooze but can be doomed to walk the earth. This is the Crux of the motif, the conflict between the rules of Full Creon, as well as the law in the gods. In fact , according to Greek idea, Creon might have been ordained by the gods to be ruler, and thus, must not his rules be their law too? This is the challenge that Antigone has to deal with; should the girl abide by the law of Creon and ditch her brother to rot, below penalty of death? Or should your woman disregard Creon's edict, the actual law in the gods and bury her brother? Creon is a brother to Jocasta, and thus following in line to become king following Etocles is usually killed in battle. The king is definitely believed to be the chosen of the gods also to rule in their stead. How come then might the ruler attempt to punish Polyneices after death and so blatantly disobey the rules of the gods? However , Creon is definitely the king, as well as the penalty to get disobeying this law of his is very real and extremely brutal, fatality. On the other side from the argument, what the law states of the gods rules over-all, even the ruler. The consequence for breaking the gods law is not really death although according to the Greeks something far more eternal. Mainly because it is the will certainly of the gods that Creon be full, should it not therefore always be their can that Polyneices be penalized? Possibly not, because the Ancient greek gods is much different from the God of modern religions. The Greek gods were not...

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