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Arthur Miller Background Study:

In preparation intended for Death of any


Miller's Early Existence

● Arthur Miller was developed on March. 17, 1915, in


● His father leaped a small coat-manufacturing

business; during the Depression that failed.

● He was 17 before this individual read any serious

literature and had poor grades in high

college. (woo hoo – there is hope! )

The College Years

● 2 years after high school graduation graduation, this individual

enrolled in the University of Michigan.

● Before graduation in 1938, he gained two Avery

Hopwood accolades for playwriting.

His Cinema Work

● With the starting of All My own Sons about

Broadway (1947), Miller's theatrical career


● The tragedy earned three awards and

fascinated audiences around the world.

● Then Death of your Salesman (1949) brought

Miller a Pulitzer Prize, foreign fame,

and an estimated profits of $2 million.

● His third Broadway perform, The Crucible,

opened in 1953.

Callier Against the Govt

● In these three performs Miller's subject was

meaning disintegration.

● His switching from modern day life in

Salesman for the Salem witch hunt of 1692 in

The Crucible hardly hidden the fact that

he had in mind Senator Frederick McCarthy's

research of Communist subversion in

the United States plus the subsequent

persecutions and hysteria.

● The moment Miller was called prior to House

Committee on Un-American Activities in

June 1956, he asserted, " My own conscience is going to

not permit me to use the identity of one more

person and bring problems to him. " Having been

convicted of contempt of Congress; the

conviction was reversed in 1958.

Death of a Sales person

● first title with the play was " The interior of His


● Miller was absorbed by concept that " a

man is his individual past and that past and

present can be found together at all times in a


● In DOAS, Miller's goal was going to show a " very little

man” combating to make his mark within the

world when keeping his dignity undamaged.

● Is the play a tragedy? What defines a

tragedy? How can this differ from

Greek/Elizabethan misfortune?

Miller's Awards

● In spite of the absence of any kind of major achievement

since the mid-1960s, Miller appears secure

in his reputation as a major figure in

American theatre.

● This individual has earned the Emmy, Tony, and

Peabody accolades, and in 1984 received the

John F. Kennedy Honor


Lifetime Achievement.

Miller's Personal Existence

● In August 5, 1940, he married his college

partner, Mary Slattery, the Catholic

daughter of your insurance sales person.

● The couple got two children, Her and


The Marilyn Monroe Years

● In June, 1956, Miller kept his 1st wife Jane

Slattery, and June twenty nine, he hitched

Marilyn Monroe.

● Callier and Monroe had first met in April

1951, when they had a brief affair.

● In 1961, the couple divorced. Almost two

years later, Monroe died of your apparent

medication overdose.

Miller's Third Wife

● Miller married digital photographer

Inge Morath on March 17, 62.

● The first of all their two children,

Rebecca, was born that September.

● Their son Daniel was born with Straight down

syndrome in November 1966, and was

consequently institutionalized.

● The couple continued to be together until Inge's

loss of life in 2002.

Miller's son-in-law

● Miller's daughter, Rebecca, is wedded to

actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

Death of a Playwright

● Miller passed away of heart failure after a battle

against cancer, pneumonia and congestive

heart disease by his house in Roxbury,


● He had experienced hospice attention at his sister's

condo in New york city since his release

via hospital the prior month.

● He died on the night of February 10,

2005 (the 56th anniversary from the

Broadway first of Death of a Salesman),

aged fifth 89.

Miller's Heritage

● Miller's career as a writer spanned over

eight decades, with the time of his loss of life,

Miller was considered to be among the

greatest dramatists of the 20th


● After his death, many respected stars,

directors, and producers paid out...

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