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 Aztecs Composition


Early Human

The original People in the usa are the native Americans.

first immigration

the first migration to America happened in38, 500 B. C. E–15, 000B. C. Elizabeth Arrived by North Asia (Russia, Mongolia…etc) the second wave happened among 10, 500 B. C. E and 4, 000 B. C. E Another wave occurred between several, 000 bce and 1, 000

Key Pre-Columbian Cultures

( Aztec – Mayas – Inca )

The Mayans

Their renowned pyramid is the Chichen-Itza

Mayan civilization of Maize (kind of corn)

Mayan underground Granaries (storage): Chultunes

The Aztecs Disposition

The initially man who also visited Aztec was Bernald Diaz in 1519 (the 16th cent) 1492 was Christopher Columbous

1421 China learned the world. ( a book)

Mesoamerica before 1492

The region entered a period of conflict and cure

Teotihuacan: the biggest city in misoamerica

10-11cent is the decrease of misoamerica and the surge of tettlico

aztic originates from aztila

Mexica Society

- Social structure

- players


321 gods

Smoking looking glass: god of life/death

Protection/patron: diety of warrior (god = diety)

Feathered snake: god of art/craft/agri…

page 462

line that says " Spanish adventurers…. That paragraph”

what important thing did paziente do for the aztecs


He stopped Human being sacrifice

Aztec conversion: by theirs -> Catholicism

Mariah Donna: she translated Spanish -> Maya -> Nahuah pertaining to Cortes

Cross-cultural: encounter.

Persons killed themselves because they will couldn't stand how inappropriate the The spanish language treated them.

New Lifestyle = New people

= people: Nestizo, Creole, mixed ancestry

Europ People in america

Cross-racial matrimony.. HYBRID

Spaniards vs . Tlaxcalans-> (Indian tribe, Aztec subject) they transformed -> Catholic Christanity These two tribes had been (ally/friends) and in addition they won against the Aztecs

456 summary Indians want to have a few freedom and attack the aztecs

- Cortes is a Spanish enthusiast who went to mexico 1519 went to the capital Tenochtitlan. (new Spain) This individual wrote words to the The spanish language queen to see her so what happened in Mexico. - this individual wrote everything to her, constructions, social classes


- Tlaxcalans was joint with Tenochtitlan by Spanish which usually made it because the Aztec Empire. Bernal diaz published a section about the modern spain.

New spain had the (natan language)

His paragraph points out who was together with the people who went to the electricity costs place. Just like cortes and the native people and the key of tlaxcalans who showed and helped cortes the area. - cortes saw ladies were position behind the priests.

-- he (Cortes) was holding the Scriptures in his left.

- discussed how The spanish language people struggled for the newest spain.

- the Cholula temple was made for one with the Mexican The almighty (architecture god) called Quetzalcoarl. The name of the book was Dona Marina.

Educado wrote on her behalf majesty his diaries. The very first day he saw 55 indigenous Indians, this individual thought they went to India, they don't know that they were in America. -Cortes attacked two villages in which he killed a large number of people with out burning the houses. THEY WERE MORE ROBUST THAN THE LOCAL PEOPLE. THEY APPLIED FIRE FOREARMS TO STRIKE THE AZTECS. Cortes described that he did all that to propagate peace and let them know they are powerful. To leave them know who we are. HE WOULD NOT KILL GIRLS NOR CHILDREN.

Page 457

Bernal diaz del Castillo.

He composed: we went to search for platinum and good fortune.

After attacking, people started out giving them presents and beneficial things. Tried to give them every thing because of dread, they offered them almost everything but precious metal. Cortes wrote that they offered us every thing but gold.

Mexico experienced another God ‘Montezuma' they will sacrificed everything to offer him gifts and sacrifices. They give him all beautiful things to have best of luck in their land. They possibly gave their daughters and nieces while mocks' wives in order to have good plants. They offered Educado to marry one of these girls.


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