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boddy's essay 26.08.2019
 boddy’s essay

Unscrupulous Medical Natural beauty

The beauty industry in Hong Kong has long been glutted with a myriad of beauty corporations that claiming they are rendering professional medical treatments which, actually involves excessive risks of medical technology.

A 46-year-old woman whom went into solid waste shock from a superbug infection following blood transfusions at the DOCTOR beauty centre died. 3 other women have been troubled after a DC-CIK treatment. But you may be wondering what is more vital and concerned behind this misfortune is what the DR centre promotes its product deceptively to its massive customers. Instead of the one-shot unsafe providers occurred and excessive high mark-up about prices, almost all reason for DOCTOR beauty middle to be underhanded business is definitely the " misleading promotion”.

Deceptive promotion is a practice of misrepresenting the product's features or efficiency or luring the customers towards the store to get a bargain that may be out of stock. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2009)

To be able to push revenue volume, two old staff of DOCTOR divulged that they were informed by the firm not to mention every related risks of products to customers when selling products. Whatever courses of treatment customers selected, salesman could also advertise and focus on the products owned by product of health care or protection, purposely concealing all the risks through products or services that might pose risks for one's overall health or even to death at worst, for example , covering the adverse consequence of the " Frosty liposuction machine”.

Secondly, exaggerated promotion magnified the " Professional” that the characteristic DOCTOR claims to provide. Products, however , undoubtedly might not have any proof of whether they have got passed the rigorous clinical examination gratifying an international or perhaps local standard. That in return demonstrates that DR's advertising and special offers are misleading its buyers by providing several information that is certainly neither reality nor real truth. For example , Technology of a Originate Cell remedy...

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