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The Organization selected is Flip flops Regency La Toc helping to make up part of the Sandals cycle of hotels in the tourism industry of St, Lucia. The hotel is a couple's only resort and is seen to offer customer a active and delightful hotel experience. A PESTEL analysis is known as a framework or tool used by marketers to assess and keep an eye on the macro- environmental factors that have an impact on a company. After considerable research and observation, I am from the opinion that all the macro-environmental factors impact the tourism sector. They are political, economical, cultural, technological, environmental and legal factors. Personal factors contain how restrictions are and policies made by authorities might affect the way organization is carried out. A number of personal factors such as government guidelines, internal politics issues, consumer laws, the lobby and pressure group impact the business tricks of the hotel industry. Take for instance import and export tariffs which can make hard or uneconomical to do business with certain countries. There may be restrictions on land acquisitions where by the government needs to know the form of hospitality business that is getting set up plus the size of the business. Therefore if a hotel is definitely wishing to broaden as a result of raising demand or any other aspect, government may hinder this growth by bringing out such laws and regulations. Another political factor influencing the motel industry is a implementation of taxes. For example the Value added tax (VAT) which was launched in St Lucia on October you, 2012 exactly where hotels are to pay 8%. This can have got a financial burden on a lot of hotels individuals which are attempting to survive in the industry. Economical Factors such as pumpiing, consumer activity, fixed and variable price can present equally opportunities and threats pertaining to in the tourism industry. In the event the spending habits of customers happen to be favorable, as an example the...

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