California Teen Justice System: The Position of Competition, Social and Environmental Factors in Sentencing

 California Teen Justice System: The Role of Race, Social and Environmental Elements in Sentencing Essay

Shawn Straughter

Professor McClain

British 28/ Study Paper

May well 27, 2013

Does the Time In shape the Criminal offense? This is a call to action, just how much do we basically know about the California Teen Justice system? Have all of us given up on today's youth? There are more than two, 500 teen offender's claims wide which have been sentenced to our lives in jail or life without parole. They are provided for adult the courtroom in which they were convicted for crimes. This is costing Cal tax payers 2 . your five million us dollars a year to accommodate each culprit, and about 252, 000 a year every youth inside the CYA (Krinsky, Pierce, Woodford, p1; Kita, p1). How exactly does this affect their internal development? With the different competitions which is the majority of effected? Would it be teaching these to be better individuals or better criminals? What effects proper drainage . on the youth's family? Is definitely justice getting served? To date there are 300 youth juveniles incarcerated in the state of California that have been offered life or life with no parole. Does race, interpersonal, and environmental factors be involved in the sentencing phase? Will the time in shape the criminal offenses? Is it appropriate for juveniles being sentenced because adults? The Juvenile Rights Court Program was designed and dedicated to the adjudication of crimes dedicated by child youth offenders. To be over seen by Los Angeles Remarkable Court Label of Juvenile Tennis courts (Shouselaw). Their particular sole goal and aim is the rehab of youth offenders. In 1943 the state of California opened CYA as a change school; but today it functions similar to the mature prisons today (Kita, p1). Youth which might be prosecuted in adult court docket are transferred out of CYA by 18 and sent to mature prison to serve the reminder of their time (Kita, p1). Fewer teen offenders are being focused on CYA, and more are staying sent straight to adult prison. " Inspite of declines in juvenile confinement over the last 10 years, California continues to have the 10th highest level of teen incarceration in the nation (271 per 100, 000) plus the fifth highest White-Black ethnic disparity: Dark-colored children are incarcerated at almost eight. 5 times the interest rate of White children” (Children Defense Fund). " There are many factors and statistics utilized in the quarrels for and against child sentences of life with out parole (LWOP), however the figures involving the greater percentage, of blacks providing life sentences than whites are very hardly ever mentioned” (Bell, p. 2). This is further more data that supports the argument that black children has the maximum ratio of incarceration. The legislature is considering expenses SB399 which will would allow an additional chance chance, this implies that the state of California Teen System is looking for reform and structuring. With out SB399 there isn't any way to revisit these types of sentences. (Krinsky, Pierce, Woodford, p. 2). What immediate changes require place today to reduce the number of youths, becoming incarceration? In line with the group Changing the Child Justice System, the United States is the only country in the world that sentences young adults to life in prison without the possibility of parole for offences they committed when they had been teenagers (RJJS). In A bunch of states approximately 300 youth had been given this phrase – a sentence to die in prison intended for mistakes they made during adolescence. In respect to " Human Privileges Watch estimations, a majority of these young people (59 percent) were first time offenders, and almost half (45 percent) were convicted of killing but were not the ones who basically committed the murder” (RJJS). What do we do as a society and community to aid carve the problem within our areas to ensure the youth are being treated fairly in the juvenile program? There are several problems and issues that the teen justice devices face today. Allegations of mistreatment, abuse, excessive pressure, 23 hour confinement within their cells, locking juveniles in cages by school, certainly not...

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