Capitalism and Socalism

 Capitalism and Socalism Composition

Jack Newbanks




Today there are various ways we can choose to have throughout the govt. What is a better government to live in? Capitalism or perhaps Socialism? Capitalism and socialism are two very different views. And capitalism is better.

Cabalism is the method we live now days. I do think capitalism can be described as better approach to live mainly because I do not think socialism is fair in people. Capitalism is an economic system where trading and sectors are controlled by non-public owners. Of course, if people job harder and longer hours, they make more money than the individuals who don't.

Socialism isn't reasonable to a lot of persons. Socialism basically fair people God made everyone to become different and stand out inside their own approach. And slot machine game of people work very hard and should get the amount of money they should have for the number of time that they worked. Socialism is " That the authorities dictates what commodities are produced, just how many are sent to suppliers, and how very much human labor must make up a certain amount of creation and labor wages, producing the economy in itself obsolete. ” ( )

Our federal government today can be runed by capitalism. Lots of people agree it is just a better method to live and it is more reasonable. In the book Anthem Equality 7-2521 is not really equal to everyone and the community council does not like him because he is usually taller and smarter than everyone. Our god mad Equality that way and there is nothing he can do about it. And that's not really a fair way to live lifestyle. And people should be able to be there selves without people telling what to do as well as how to live.

Also Socialism does not work out because a lot of people are against it and don't want the federal government to be like that. And capitalism succeeds since it more good for the people now days. And it succeeds because our government today is capitalism. I believe in a strong Govt and Capitalism promotes that.

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