Creon, the Tragic Hero

 Creon, the Tragic Leading man Essay

Alex Hamilton

Mrs. Wolf

AP Lit.

six December 2012

Creon, the True Tragic Leading man

Aristotle's meaning of a tragic hero is usually one who is at power or perhaps associated with electrical power. They have a hamartia, or downside, that will finally cause their particular downfall. Various would make use of this and declare that Antigone is the tragic hero of the self-named play, although one persona has a a lot more grand show up from the heavens after this individual losses both equally wife and son to Antigone (isn't exactly all their main reason, yet Antigone's actions do result in their untimely deaths. ) The true tragic hero can then be Creon, to get he put the law over his family, and did wrong common sense on them as he condemned all to fatality, leaving him alone and broken from his catch.

The enjoy begins with all the death of two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, and the burial ideas from Creon. Polyneices came back into Thebes after getting exiled by simply Creon, and killed his own buddy while his brother murdered him. So Creon plans to give a great funeral to Eteocles, whom died safeguarding the city-state, and is not going to give one to get Polyneices. Rather, Polyneices' shall be left out in the center of nowhere and left to get the birds to peck his bone fragments clean. This is complete ignore of the beliefs' of the Greeks. In this time, it is just proper to bury any of the dead, even if they can be of the opponent. This is just the first step that Creon will require before he drops coming from so high up.

Outraged by simply all of this, Antigone goes on to bury her sibling. She feels pain, but her moral code tells her that this is just and righteous path. Nevertheless soon enough Creon hears everything regarding this, and wants whoever did this kind of to be reprimanded. Antigone is usually caught in the act which is taken to Creon without much struggle in order to find away her fortune. Creon after that takes an additional step towards the cliff pertaining to his perilous fall.

Creon also subpoena for Ismene, sister to Antigone, for he is convinced that both are guilty of the crime, blinded by his own theory of " No one principles...

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