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daily activity 06.09.2019
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Daily activity

Philip Wilson can be my name. I work in the cosmetic company. 2150 people operate the company every single day. John Paul is my boss. This individual works hard. Most of the people in the company works hard. This makes the business grow swiftly. Jhon Paul works in the primary office. He has a admin. Miss Janet is his secretary. the girl helps David Paul preparing his schedule. sometimes the girl accompanies John Paul to fulfill important friends. they often discuss about the introduction of the company and business prospective customers in the future. naturally , they anticipate profit increasing every month. David Paul generally tells his secretary to write down many letters. Those characters are pertaining to his buyers and his business partners. Jhon paul thinks them since his family members because they make the company survive and support the life in the people inside the company. Jhon Paul will keep his business relationship well. I really do not write a letter each day because I work in the marketing section. so , My spouse and i often go out of town to market some kinds of aesthetic. I frequently enter shops, malls, and plazas. My spouse and i offer and promote cosmetic products. I usually give special selling price for potential buyer who have buy a whole lot of cosmetic makeup products. I do certainly not give price cut to specific buyer. My spouse and i often find out about cosmetics revenue statistics. Consequently , I create a report to Mister. Jhon Paul. he master my statement carefully. We receive these types of statistics coming from my helper. I have two assistants, Edy and Jimmy. they assistance to create and compile record reports. they will collect data from buyers, business partners and contemporary society. They usually provide the questionnaire then interview them. I are happy to operate this company because my supervisor always gives opportunityand concern to develop my personal potential. We also get training which relevant with my own academic backdrop. One day, I am hoping to be a supervisor of the organization. I want to become the great director and help to make spectacular cutting-edge so that my own company could possibly be the world's major company.

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