Destruction of Puritanism

 Destruction of Puritanism Essay

In the 1600's many Puritans moved to America for religious freedom. For several years Puritanism flourished as a religion, but as the years went on, this began to self-destruct. Puritanism lose interest itself the seeds of its own destruction in its standards to become a " saint”, and the misogynistic requirements.

Puritans assumed everyone was becoming a living " saint”. These types of " saints” basically ran their neighborhoods. Only the " saints” had been allowed to vote, hold office, or really have any state in nearly anything. To become a " saint” could onlu admit all of your sins towards the community, that was very difficult and embarrassing. This kind of caused a lot of men to don't agree with the procedure and failed to care in the event that they didn't want to vote or hold business office. They presumed that they can still continue to be loyal to god, with no becoming a " saint”. The Puritans were divided on this, and vulnerable the group as a whole.

The Puritans misogynic values also led to the self-destruction of Puritanism. The Puritans limited the power of ladies, by certainly not letting them preach, and this angered many. An illustration of this this is Bea Hutchinson. The girl held " bible meetings” for women, and in the end she was prosecuted for this. Many persons didn't go along with the secret, and this led to division among the Puritans.

Puritanism bore alone the seed products of its very own destruction because of the problems with learning to be a saint, and the opposition with their misogynic values. Puritans had good ideals individually, nevertheless Puritanism were required to many defects to be successful, and ultimately self-destructed.

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