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Individuals are material objects. Yet , unlike different material things (e. g. non-living things) humans have the ability to form judgements and reason their lifestyle. Meaning to express that, human beings have 'minds'. In general, humans are characterized as having both a mind and body. By definition, mind is referred to the mental processes, believed and consciousness whereas body is referred to the physical facets of the brain-neurons and how the mind is structured. This is called dualism. In the philosophy of mind, duplicity is the theory that the mental (mind) plus the physical (body) are both genuine or are present, but both of them are different varieties of thing. The idea of mind-body dualism is presented by Descartes, who holds that both mind and body are substances, in which the person is a material substance since it is extended in space while the mind is not prolonged in space, and so called a metaphysical element. According to Descartes, this individual believed that mind and body actually can communicate through the pineal gland in the brain.

In Descartes's initially principle of philosophy, " I think, therefore I am”, makes mind more certain than matter. Additionally, it showed that the mind the thinking issue can exist apart from their extended body system. Hence, Descartes said that the mind is a compound that is totally different from the body (a substance in whose essence is thought). This became referred to as " Compound Dualism” (view that the mind and body function independently, without interchange) or " Cartesian Dualism” (view that there is a two-way interaction between mental and physical substances). Substance duplicity asserts that mind and matter will be completely two different kinds of chemicals, in which this claims that immortal souls occupy an independent " realm” of existence distinct as a result of the physical world. Therefore from here, your head is not just an accumulation of thoughts, but it really is that which will thinks, an immaterial substance over and above the immaterial states....

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