Red flags Of Our Dads Book Report

 Flags Of the Fathers Publication Report Article

п»їName: Johnson GySgt Bill R

USMC 1171176944/1169

Particular date: 130716

BOOK REPORT: Flags of Our Dads

AUTHOR'S NAME: James Bradley, Ron


BOOK TYPE: Non-Fiction

About when and where the story took place:

Time: February, 1945Place: Iwo Jima, Japan

Anybody who the storyline is about?

Characters: The book accounts the early lives of Pharmacist's Mate Second Class Steve Bradley, Sgt Michael Strank, Corporal Harlon Block, Non-public First Class Ira Hayes, Personal First Class Franklin Sousley and First Class Rene Gagnon that have been part of the flag raising in Mount Suribachi in Feb, 1945. Right here a paragraph should be written about the most interesting character of story you read in book: One of the most interesting character in the book was Private Top notch Ira Hayes. Ira Hayes was one of the three survivors that was part of the flag raising. This individual displayed symptoms that are right now known as posttraumatic stress disorder. During a trip to the white colored house, President Harry Truman called Hayes a main character and the Sea said, " How could I believe like a hero when only five guys in my platoon of 45 survived, when only 27 men during my company of 250 was able to escape fatality or harm? ” So what happened to the key character in the story? John Bradley was the main persona in the book. He married his childhood sweetheart and had 8-10 children. This individual avoided talking with reporters and ultimately gave a job interview in 1985. During the interview, Bradley stated he would not have raised the flag if he would have known how famous the photo may have become. He stated that he did not want to have with the stresses of the press and planned to live a normal life. Ruben Bradley lived to associated with seventy and died of a heart attack. His family later found a box of letters and photos. Adam Bradley utilized those paperwork to retrace the lives of his father and the men of his Company. Write about the key theme of the storyline: The main concept of the the story is definitely the effect of...

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