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The over consumptions of fabric goods possess overtaken society to the point where it may be a part of this necessity. However of all, what is consumerism? Consumerism is the means of selling and promoting material goods which often leads individuals to obsessively consume vast amount of goods. The concept of Consumerism however , have been completely negatively portrayed within Bruce Dawe's ‘Americanized', ‘Televistas' and a film ‘confessions of a shopaholic'. Bruce Dawe's americanized satirises the predominance of consumerism on American values, the title itself can be ironic because Dawe purposely uses American spelling to spell americanized, using the letter ‘z' rather than ‘s'. The usage of extended metaphor has been viewed in the poem to help all of us understand Dawe's mockery and ridicule to consumerism. The mother getting America plus the child symbolizing Australia emphasises the American value devices. The poem rhetorically questions us " what child of basic origins may want even more? ” implying that we Australians have become liable to America to an extent where we've misplaced our pleasure and identity as we desire for eating goods though we are enough with the methods supplied. The highlights of consumerism have been exposed to us as America welcomes us into their consuming paradise. " Mummy's globe contains via Pepsi- cola figurines to spams” which in turn influences Quotes to enter and follow their very own way of life creating us to reduce our culture and identity. This kind of influence is further displayed in Televistas. Dawe's Televistas is shown to mock and exaggerate the false beliefs on consumerism, the opening stanza " she was Sanyo directed, he was rank arena bred” metaphorically reveals us the status between your two persons as their identity are decreased to that of consuming brands, meaning that existence are labelled by American products. However, what is strange emphasised through this poem is the use of television and its dominance inside the young couple's relationship....

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