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1 ) Physical Geography

(i) Geomorphology

Can be devoted to study regarding landforms, their particular evolution and related techniques. (ii) Climatology

Encompasses the study of composition of atmosphere and elements of weather and climates and climatic types and locations. (iii) Hydrology

Research the sphere of normal water over the surface area of the the planet including seas, lakes, waterways and other normal water bodies as well as its effect on several life varieties including human being life and the activities. (iv) Soil Location

Is devoted to research the processes of soil development, soil types, their fertility status, syndication and use. 2 . Human being Geography

(i) Social/Cultural Location

Encom-passes the study of culture and its spatial dynamics and also the cultural elements contributed by society. (ii) Population and Settlement Location

(Rural and Urban). It research population growth, distribution, denseness, sex percentage, migration and occupational structureetc. Settlement geography studies you will of countryside and metropolitan settlements. (iii) Economic Location

Studies economic actions of the persons including agriculture, industry, travel, trade, and transport, facilities and companies, etc . (iv) Historical Location

Studies the famous processes whereby the space gets organized. Every single region offers undergone several historical activities before obtaining the present day status.

The geographical features likewise experience eventual changes and these form the concerns of historical geography. (v) Political Geography

Looks at the room from the angle of personal events and studies limitations, space relations between neighboring political devices, delimitation of constituencies, political election scenario and develops assumptive framework to know the political behavior of the population. several. Biogeography

The interface between physical geography and man geography features lead to the development of Biogeography which include: (i) Herb Geography

Which studies the space pattern of natural plants in their demeure. (ii) Tiergarten Geography

Which studies the spatial patterns and geographic features of pets and their demeure.

(iii) Ecology /Ecosystem

Deals with the scientific study with the habitats feature of varieties. (iv) Environmental Geography

Concerns everywhere leading to the realization of environmental complications such as terrain gradation, pollution and problems for preservation has ended in the introduction of this new branch in geography. HISTORY of GEOGRAPHY

This is certainly a system of essential dates inside the history of location and the community. 2300 BCE| The 1st city map was created in stone to get Lagash, Mesopotamia| 450| Herodotus compiled a map from the known universe

334| Alexander the Great started out conquring the Middle East and India| 240| EratosthenesВ calculated the circumference with the earth| 45| Julian work schedule established

20 CE| Strabo published his 17 volumeВ Geography

77| Pliny the Parent wrote his encyclopedia of geography

79| Mount Vesuvius erupted and Pompeii was destroyed

150| Ptolmey published hisВ GeographyВ and included a map of the world with places marked with aВ coordinate grid system| 271| The magneticВ compassВ was in use in China and tiawan

326| Helena, Constantine's mom, traveled to the Holy Area to identify locations sacred to Christianity| 476| The Fall of Rome

632| Muhammed died and Muslim development began

982| Eric the Red come to Baffin Tropical isle in North America| 995| Leif Ericson established a colony in Newfoundland

1095| The initial Crusade began

1154| Edrisi's book of world geography was published

1170| The letter fromВ Prester John, requesting help against infidels, " arrived" at the Pope| 1271| Marco PoloВ headed for China

1325| Tenochtitlan founded by simply Aztecs

1347| Bubonic Plague, " Dark-colored Death, " in Europe, 30 mil die| 1377| ibn-Khaldun completed his history of the...

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