Geologic Period: a Brief Synopsis of the Cretaceous Period

 Geologic Period: a Brief Suite of the Cretaceous Period Essay

Geologic Time

A Brief Summary of the Cretaceous Period


Prepared by Jamie L. Martinez


The Cretaceous period is part of the Mesozoic Time, and occurred approximately 66 to a hundred and forty four million yrs ago between the Paleogene period (marking the termination of Mesozoic mammals) and Jurassic period (age from the dinosaurs).

Prevalent Fossils with the Cretaceous

The Cretaceous period is often observed for the organization of the 1st fossils of several insect teams, modern mammal and fowl groups, as well as the first blooming plants. The final of the Cretaceous brought the final of many recently successful and diverse sets of organisms, just like non-avian dinosaurs and ammonites. Most fossils that show Cretaceous remains to be are often present in marine, sedimentary limestone build up.

The Origin of the Name " Cretaceous”

In 1822, Belgian geologist D'Omalius d'Halloy gave the name Landscape Cretace, В for the chalk and rock outcrops of the Paris Basin, and for related outcrops in Belgium and Holland. This kind of term " Cretaceous" " chalk-bearing" (from Creta, the Latin word for chalk) later had become used.

Cretaceous Strata around the World

Much of the landmasses during the Cretaceous period had been covered by superficial continental oceans and inland swamps and seas. This period was the time of widening and extending of the Atlantic Ocean, which spread southward as part of the break-up of world-continent Pangaea. Since Pangaea began to undergo the process of " ls drift”, two individual landmasses formed generally known as " Laurasia” (the top continent) and " Gondwanaland” (the the southern area of continent).

The further more fragmentation of Pangaea caused the separating of South America and The african continent. Australia segregated from South America, but remains connected to Antarctica. The North Atlantic Sea continues to open up along the continental ridge, a divergent dish boundary. Local climate became even more seasonal and cooler at the conclusion of the...

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