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п»ї Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, from The Politics, c. 340 BCE The words constitution and government have the same meaning, as well as the government, which is the substantial authority in states, has to be in the hands of one, or perhaps of a few, or perhaps of the many. The actual forms of authorities, therefore , happen to be those where the one, and also the few, and also the many, govern with a view for the common interest; but government authorities which guideline with a view towards the private interest, whether in the one or from the few, or perhaps of the many, are perversions. Of forms of govt in which one rules, all of us call that which regards the regular interests, monarchy; that through which more than one, although not many, guideline, aristocracy (and it is so referred to as, either because the rulers are the best men, or because they may have at heart the very best interests in the state associated with the citizens). But when the citizens at large administer the state of hawaii for the normal interest, the government is called a polity. And there is a reason in this use of vocabulary. Of the aforementioned forms, the perversions happen to be as follows: of monarchy, cruelty; of upper class, oligarchy; of polity, democracy. For tyranny is a kind of monarchy which has in view the interest in the monarch just; oligarchy provides in view the interest of the wealthy; democracy, of the needy: non-e of them the normal good of all. Tyranny, ?nternet site was stating, is monarchy exercising the rule of any master in the political society; oligarchy can be when males of house have the govt in their hands; democracy, the alternative, when the indigent, and not the men of house, are the rulers.

Aristotle, Ancient greek language philosopher and Athenian, from The Athenian Metabolic rate, c. 330 BCE about life ahead of the reforms of Solon and Pericles inside the 4th century BCE Not merely was the metabolism at this time oligarchical in every respect, but the lesser classes---men, ladies, and children---were in absolute slavery to the rich. They were known as pelatai and also because hectemori, mainly because they cultivated the gets of the...

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