Hinduism & Ecology: Critique of Ecological Catastrophe and Indio Thought

Hinduism & Ecology 06.09.2019
 Essay in Hinduism  Ecology: Evaluate of Environmental Crisis and Hindu Believed


A Critique of Rajdeva Narayan's Article, " Ecological Turmoil & Hindu Religious Thought” В

Through Narayan's article he points out in detail the Ecological problems he is convinced we are encountering in our contemporary as well as the ties and relationship with the Hindu custom and methods of thinking. In order to completely appreciate Narayan's thoughts about our Ecological crisis we have to first understand what Ecology means. Narayan's points out this to us using Roger Dajoz definition of Ecology; " Ecology is the technology that studies the conditions of existence of living beings and the communications of all kinds which exist between these types of living beings on the one hand and between these living creatures and their environment on the other hand. ”(Narayan pp. 25) This helps us in realizing that the science of ecology will not put the site of the creatures found in characteristics under ourselves, this classification includes human beings in the same categorization because all other living beings within the Earth. This kind of idea of neutrality among living beings is important when trying to understand the ecological " crisis” that we happen to be in today as well as in the right way to aid and fix the issues that we have triggered.

In the Hindu look at of Ecology, religion performs a crucial function. It " helps to help to make human beings which there are limits to their control over the rouse,stimulate and inanimate world and that their world of one and manipulative power over nature can backfire. ” Narayan argues many reasons for our environmental position that individuals find ourself in today. Narayan argues that " Todays environmental problem is composed in the deterioration of man's environment through industrialization and urbanization of his function of your life, exhaustion of traditional energy and natural material solutions, constant growth of demographic pressure on nature, disturbance of natural environmental equilibria…. ” (Narayan pp. 26) and as a result of our medical and technological present world we are " menacing everything living on Earth with...

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