Hymn To Labor

Hymn To Labor 30.08.2019
 Hymn To Labor Essay

Hymn to Labor

Pertaining to the Motherland in conflict,

For the Motherland in peace,

Will the Filipino retain watch,

He may live until life is going to cease!


Now the East can be glowing with light,

Proceed! To the discipline to right up until the area,

For the labour of man sustains

Fam'ly, home and Motherland.

Hard the land may turn to be,

Scorching the rays of the sun above...

For the country, better half and kids

All will probably be easy to each of our love.



Head to work with spirits high,

Pertaining to the partner keeps home faithfully,

Inculcates love in her children

For advantage, knowledge and country.

When the evening delivers repose,

In returning joy awaits you,

Of course, if fate is definitely adverse, the wife,

Shall know the job to continue.



Originate! Hail! Compliment to time,

Of the country wealth and vigor!

For doing it brow serene's exalted,

Really her blood, life, and ardor.

In the event some youth would present his like

Labor his faith can sustain:

Only a man who also struggles and works

Will certainly his offspring know to take care of.



Teach, us ye the laborious job

To go after your footsteps we desire,

For tomorrow when country calls us

We may have the opportunity your activity to finish.

And on seeing us the parents will say:

" Look, they're worthy 'f their gloire of yore! "

Incense does not prize the useless

As does a son with glory and valor.

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The Somnolence of the Filipinos is a study with the causes why the people did not, as was said, work harder during the The spanish language regime. � Rizal pointed out that long before the coming of the Spaniards, the Filipinos were industrious and hardworking. � The Spanish rule brought about a decline in economic activities...

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