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Individual Safety 06.09.2019
 Patient Protection Essay

Title: Access and Patient Questions of safety

Author: Dorcas Moore

Capella University

Get and Patient Safety Issues

Patient Safety:

Multiple failed organizational and departmental processes may lead to wrong sufferer, wrong process, wrong part or wrong site. Elimination of these problems requires a protection system to ensure accurate scheduling and treatment ordering. Proper patient identification will also get rid of these problems. Ensuring right patient recognition is a recognized healthcare concern and the severe care postures the biggest challenge with this because of the wide range of care offered, the spots it is succumbed and the several staff who have work in adjustments. Failure to correctly identify patients and correlate their clinical data to an intended procedure or perhaps study can be quite harmful. Reasons behind wrong occasions with regards to affected person care will be: * Incorrect order entry

* Failure to confirm sufferer identity

2. Failure to follow site and procedure verification or treatment qualification method.

Completely wrong Order Access

At the hospital I am employed for, I work in the breast center. Certainly one of our most usual errors are the ordering of mammograms, ultrasounds and other diagnostics procedures. Such as: The medical doctor may buy a Breast on the left Mammogram and a Right 1 was came into, this holdups hindrances impediments the medical diagnosis and treatments that may be required for this patient. It can also disappointed the patient, justify a complaint to JACHO (Joint Commission) bringing with an investigation, or perhaps stripping of the hospitals accreditation and also lead to litigation. I have also viewed where the physician has ordered a screening process mammogram rather than diagnostic mammogram. According to the Philadelphia Patient Protection Advisory an overall total of 98 near missed events were reported pertaining to the poor ordering or scheduling.

Patient Discover

Imagine transport picking up the patient to bring to radiology. The proper patient was brought straight down, but the wrong chart. Or...

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