Inflation in Russian federation

Inflation in Russia 21.08.2019
 Inflation in Russia Study Paper

Inflation in The ussr

Inflation in Russia is characterized by the contrast. One of the most striking model - maniacally high expansion rate of inflation inside the medium from the poor and reduce the cost of living for the wealthy strata of the populace. Poor in Russia is more than the wealthy. Poor mainly acquire important goods and the high demand for these people. Because of this, their very own prices are rising more quickly and more powerful than pertaining to other items. As a result, the poor are little by little becoming poorer and the wealthy, respectively, more potent. Inflation in Russia



the year 2003


june 2006


3 years ago





Inflation price (in%)

15, 1

12, 0

14, 7

twelve, 9

9, 0

10, 9

13, 3

eight, 8

almost eight, 6

six, 1

As the stand shows, inflation in Russian federation is gradually reduced. Yet , many economic analysts disagree and argue that the info on pumpiing low. There is a strong case.

It turns out the fact that prices are not taken into account almost all goods and service, although only 466 basic. Past this set pumpiing is not really fixed. It turns out that you can use in the calculation of the goods and services whose rates have altered the smallest approach, and exclude those for which prices possess risen one of the most. And this opens up the possibility for distortion and understating the real rate of inflation.

This year, inflation, in accordance to standard statistics, amounted to only 6th. 1%. For example , in 2011, enclosure and public services considerably more expensive: the supply of natural gas - by simply 17. a couple of %, the thermal strength - by 12. five per cent. Significantly more high-priced and meals: sugar - 25%, bread - by 22%, dairy - 19%. However , this kind of price enhance will not impact on low inflation. In Russia, there is also a paradox - prices will be rising, and inflation is reduced.

To summarize, it should again be noted that pumpiing - can be described as complex and contradictory sensation that has severe negative effects. To deal with it is necessary to conduct a highly effective State anti-inflationary policy.

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