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 Work Essay

General Issues: As with many FRQs the largest issues were typically – - not enough enough exterior info

time management concerns and not enough development,

- failure to completely focus on the prompt and keeping your evidence in the context of developing a very clear argument that clearly answers the question.

2006 B: For whom and what degree was the American West a land of opportunity via 1865 to 1890? To get Whom?

Homesteaders via 1862 Homestead Action


Miners and prospectors


Buffalo Hunters

Cowboys and ranchers

Mormon settlers and maqui berry farmers

Railroad constructors and buyers

Real estate investors and land speculators

Mining, ranching, and farming corporations

Unskilled workers in farms and railroads

Stores and peddlers

Military profession officers

Ladies seeking economical opportunities (including prostitutes) or perhaps spouses Missionaries

Gamblers and bandits

Dark-colored American – " Exodusters”

Immigrants: Chinese, Irish, Philippine, Scandinavian, German, Polish, Russian etc . Designed for:

Native Americans



To what magnitude?

Could be relative to:

Other organizations and persons

Newcomers' aspirations


Poor land quality, lack of materials and lack of ability to compete with corporate riches Technological advancement – damefris?r wire

Land laws such as the Homestead Act

Aggressive local governments

Impact of Unions and Farmers' Complicite

2002B: Determine and evaluate the elements that transformed the American city inside the second half of the nineteenth 100 years. Main factors: (their was obviously a wealth of particulars that could support each of the following) * Regarding industry – large industries & usage of steel

* Rise of urban populace due to immigration and migration

* Executive changes: skyscrapers, suspension connections

* Electrical energy and electric lighting

5. Urban organizing & City Beautiful Movement

* Tenements, urban poverty, lack of sterilization, crime, polution * Entertainment & Enjoyment: amusement parks, cinemas and museums * Superior transportation: railroads and streetcars

* Dock cities

*2000 (DBQ topic): How effective was organized labor in improving the position of workers in the period from 1875 to 1900? Outside Info:

National Labor Union

Knights in battle of Labor – Terrence Powderly

American Federation of Labor – Samuel Gompers

Molly Maguires



Superb Railroad Affect of 1877 (Hayes)

Haymarket Riot – Police " martyrs”

Homestead Strike – Carnegie & Frick (Berkmann assassin)

Pullman Strike – Eugene Debs – American Railway Union (Cleveland) Pinkertons


" Yellow Dog” Contracts & Open Store


not enough public support – burning off the l. r. struggle



99: How had been the lives of the Flatlands Indians in the second half the nineteenth hundred years affected by technological developments and government actions?

* Thesis must stress positive or perhaps negative impact (in this situatio negative) 2. Lack of specific outside facts especially for the Technology section


*Transcontinental Railroad (completion)

- Decimation of Bison (Buffalo)

-- Union Pacific/Central Pacific

*Bessemer process – steel

*Barbed wire

*Improved weaponry:

-- Revolver – Colt forty-five

- Echoing Machine Firearm

*Farming Technology:

- Metal plow

-- Mechanical reaper

- " Prairie Fan” water pump


Government Policy

*Concentration Policy

*1st & 2nd Treaty of Fort Laramie

*Reservation Plan

San Creek Massacre (Cheyenne)

- Colonel Chivington

- " Nits breed lice”

Colorado Gold Hurry

Nez Perce – Chief Joseph

*Homestead Act

2. Pacific Train Act

Black Hills Precious metal Rush

Fetterman Massacre

Apache - Geronimo

Battle of Little Big Horn

- Custer

-- Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse (Lakota Sioux)

*Dawes Severalty Act

*Assimilation Insurance plan

*Carlisle Boarding School

*Bureau of Of india Affairs

Ghosting Dance

Wounded Knee


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