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According to Diodorus Siculus, the catapults were comparable to arrow bows and had been closely linked with each other in Greece. The catapults had been used by a Greece activity force in 399 M. C., although in 397 B. C. the Massively increase was used on mass level against Motya in Sicily. According to many sources the history of catapults dates back to third century BC. during which it was invented like a hand-held crossbow, known as gastraphetesВ or stomach shooter. Heading deep in to the history of catapults we find several images and annonces on catapults to have recently been found in Belopoeica, a technological treatise of Heron. В Zopyros, В a vem som st?r, В hailing by southern Italy, is stated to have developed gatstraphetes because weapon during a war against Cumae and Milet between 421 BC and 401 BC. Depending on similar pattern the catapults were used in Ancient greek language as arrow -shooting equipment, popularly referred to as katapaltai as well. В In accordance to Aeneas Tacticus, the flexible crossbows dominated the Greek and Roman artillery designs. History of catapults reveals that the catapults got improved and were supported with innovative systems between 330-329 BC. While using improvement in catapults the Greek curtain developed excessive towers with shuttered glass windows in its top rated, where anti-personnel arrow shooters resided to defend the forts. В Projectiles found in catapults included arrows and stones. Great catapults reveals that catapults were used by Romans between third and second hundred years BC against Syracuse, Macedon, Sparta and Aetolia. The Castles and forts had come into existence making foe's all the tries to enter that futile, throughout the medieval period. With a view to inhabit the fort, the catapults were accustomed to throw inside forts incendiary missiles and also other filthy components to trigger the damage and force the inmates to surrender. Unhealthy carcasses and decaying materials with their obnoxious smells were catapulted throughout the high surfaces of castles. Some of the regarded designs applied during the...

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