List of Hypothesis Types

 List of Hypothesis Models Article



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1 . Evolutive: Study development (HNT5) (SRM13)

2 . Explicative: Explain Character and Opportunity (HNT5) (SRM14)

3. Disovery: Explore unknown or tiny known strategy (W& B102) 4. Identificatory: Identify beneficiary and targeted by Law (HNT5) (SRM14) five. Case Study: Inclusive and intensive study of any single combine (TKS2) six. Critical: Analyze to find out merits and demerits to take a few decision (TKS2) (HNT31) (HNT130) (SRM185) 7. Collative: Compare and Research two Laws in one Legal system on one Subject, (HNT6), to gather legal details pertaining to specific situation e. g. Dictionary, digest, bibliographies (SRM15) almost 8. Comparative: Review Laws in several Legal systems (TKS3) (HNT129) (SRM183) 9. Historical: Examine of past to decide distinctive line of action at a later date (TKS2) (HNT20) (HNT31) (HNT123) (SRM180) 15. Statistical: number of statistic to demonstrate the working of existing legislation (HNT31) (HNT130) (SRM184) eleven. Impact Research: Impact of Law and Society on each of your other (HNT6) (SRM14) doze. Projective: find out degree of acknowledgement of any project/ fresh law and so on by people (HNT6) (SRM14) 13. Online: study from the process of relationships between law and other elements or corporations in world (SRM14) 18. Diagnostic/Clinical: to look for Why and What could be avoided simply by testing whether certain factors are linked (TKS3) (W& B110) 15. Descriptive: Identify present circumstance of Rules on one level (TKS2) (HNT19) (W& B109) 16. Dialectic: involves two...

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