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 Mabon Ritual - Anthropology of Religion Dissertation

Recently i witnessed a Wiccan Mabon ritual about September 22nd 2012. This kind of ritual was your celebration of the change from summer to land. It took put in place Colorado Springs, for the outskirts of town. We were outdoors, in a small grove of trees. It was a clear atmosphere with the Initial Quarter celestial satellite beginning to surge over the ecart. The breeze was great but not cool yet and slowly persons started to go into the clearing. My friend Tiff (name continues to be changed) was your leader of the ritual. Everybody was wearing dark blue (almost black) attire. This, I was told, is because we were celebrating the surrender of the Globe to the darkness of winter season. This practice was to celebrate the balance of nature, the way the light of spring and summer were balanced by the darkness of winter and fall, the way we balance each of our commitments to our families and work, along with how The planet doesn't withstand the changing of conditions. Rather, change is welcome, because the modify that comes with the times of year are presents from the Our god and Empress, they each have got a special natural beauty that comes from the hand with the divine. Jpeg explained the moon becoming in its first quarter resulted in it was the perfect time to put fresh ideas, desired goals and intentions into movement. It is also a period to pray or meditate on the associated with obstacles within your life and also to receive blessings. We are trained to give, to be able to receive. 2 weeks . time to get and reestablish the balance within just ourselves and a time of evaluation. Tiff told me that in American culture, submission was seen as a bad thing, but in each of our religious views, we should treasure the idea rather, for the greatest submission is usually into loss of life. We aren't control or stop it, same as we cannot prevent the changing of the conditions. This was a moment to let move of our thought of control, and understand that we have to let go and realize that death and limitation are component to our unavoidable end. Whenever we never died, we would develop stagnant, hardly ever changing rather than growing. There was clearly an church, draped with the same darker blue material....

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