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MINI COOPER: CURRENT Web marketing strategy, DIGITAL Advertising APPROACH, THE BRAND NAME & MORAL vALUES OXANA SRIBNYAK ABSTRACT This daily news aims to evaluate the MINI's case study to discover which marketing tools have got best offered to build a world-class iconic car brand. Using knowledge learned over the marketing training course, their current marketing strategy will be analysed in more detail. The second part will then vitally examine the digital marketing approach in the MINI to answer the question of " precisely what are the benefits to MINI via such an extensive approach? ” Drawing on the MINI example, the daily news will explore how emotions are used in marketing to develop loyalty to the brand. MINI's successful manufacturer performance, as well as the spirit created by it is brand, the values and beliefs of " standard MINI's buyers” will be investigated in detail. The paper will even highlight the ethical principles of the TINY Company and conclude with opinions about why a few car businesses put so much emphasis on doing their organization in an moral manner.

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" The goal of marketing is always to know and understand the client so well the merchandise or assistance fits him and sells itself. ” - Philip F. Drucker Marketing affects everyone, daily, and in all areas of life. It is the key driver for bringing people goods and services they really want, and comes with many different industrial activities, including marketing exploration, product development, organisation of reference distribution, charges strategies, press and advertising, advertising and personal selling, a long supply string that leads to " the sale”. Marketing influences more retailers and buyers, although even non-buyers, via effects on the common environment. But for distill it simply, marketing's primary objectives can be identified as this: " To realise the highest possible consumption rates, to obtain maximum buyer perceptions of satisfaction, to supply consumers together with the widest variety possible inside the most inexpensive manner, and to maximize the quality of lifestyle” (Peter Drucker, 2006). Many believe the highest ideal must be to improve the caliber of life, but as world famous managing consultant Peter Drucker known, the primary aim of marketing should be to better appreciate customers to be able to sell all of them more goods. That is why internet marketers, the actual persons funding the marketing sector, measure the success of advertisments in terms of devices moved, not really lives better: " MINI's introduction into the worldwide market ended in 2002 with more that 144, 1000 cars marketed, which travelled beyond the expectations of BMW Group and proceeds significantly to our success” (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, 2003). What hard disks the revenue of so many MINIs? Could it be so well manufactured that success comes easily? Or is it anything more that they can sell to consumers, as an example the spirit or perhaps lifestyle? These kinds of and other queries will now end up being explored on the next page of this conventional paper. 2 . EXAMINATION OF MINI'S CURRENT Web marketing strategy

After WWII, Europe saw the immediate surge of demand for affordable automobiles for common people, and improvements in wartime production brought new operations of production to the customer production lines. Across resource-poor Europe, small car development sprang up, and in the British industry, the MINI was born. The project, beneath the guiding influence of Anglo-Greco car custom made Sir Alec Issagonis, introduced in 1959 because the Britian's first fuel-efficient car. Very customisable without having to lose its unique figure, (a one of a kind selling point through the life from the brand), following two years cruising around United kingdom streets, the MINI created a sportier racing version developed by legendary track-racer John Cooper, the " MINI Cooper”, cementing all their popularity while using public. Hence this British everyman's car became known as the masculine, little utility car with...

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Figure one particular: World GREENHOUSE GAS Emissions Flow Chart, 2012. Source: World Resources Commence.


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