NRS 434 Environmental hazards Component 2

 NRS 434 Environmental hazards Part two Essay

Jenna Brandt, RN.

Grand Canyon University

NRS 434

April 11, 2015

Environmental Factors and Health Promo Pamphlet: Accident Prevention and Safety Promo for Parents and Caregivers of Infants Portion II:

The subject for the pamphlet intended for this project was lead exposure. Children ages 1-5 are described by the CDC as one of the top risk group, as they tend to stick toys and contaminated objects or perhaps fingers within their mouths, possess poor hygiene, and be in the dirt much more than older children. The pamphlet was presented into a young mother of an 14 month old and a 2 . five year old. The mother and father with the children were both Caucasian ages twenty three and thirty-one. They were of low socioeconomic status and received WIC and food assistance. They both had high school educations, but we hadn't completed university. The mother had never heard of lead poisoning or the environmental risks, symptoms, etc ., and was eager to learn. The father was not present to get the educating. During the interview and business presentation, the mother relayed that she lived in a house constructed in the 1890's that experienced older plumbing related. She and her partner moved right now there during her pregnancy with her 10 month older daughter and had been scraping paint and re-painting to attempt to make the property a little more just like home. The mother mentioned that her daughter was having a few of the symptoms reviewed, such as nausea and your woman was also on the entry level of the development scale. After learning the reality, the mother stated that she would right away schedule a scheduled appointment to have her children's business lead levels examined, considering the regarding her house and her young daughter's symptoms. The mother appeared like she understood the information given well. The girl asked inquiries about how to prevent further lead exposure right up until things could possibly be renovated, in the event her home was great for business lead. She stated that she'd be instructing her partner about departing his dirty boots outside in order to leave contaminated dirt and grime outdoors if it was confident. She stated she...

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