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 Development of the Agricultural Sector Essay




The agricultural sector is an important and strategic sector in the Malaysian Economy. It had been leading sector at the time of independence in 1957, contributing 33% of the low domestic item (GDP), 67% of job and 62% of export products. Industrialization and diversification commencing from the late1950's, however caused a fall in the economical role the sector. Nevertheless , the farming sector is still important to the Malaysian Overall economy.

The role of Farming Institution and Agencies

1 ) FAMA (Federal Agricultural advertising Authority)

The Federal Gardening marketing Power (FAMA) is usually an agency beneath the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry. It was set up as a statutory body in 30 September 1965. JUICIO is accountable in the guidance, coordination, legislation and improvement of the marketing of Malaysian agriculture products which include vegatables and fruits, for home, import and export market. Other than that, agricultural products underneath FAMA service's field happen to be grain and herbal, livestock and aquaculture. There are several features: * Put together agriculture marketing activity at private sector or section / govt agency * Improve advertising system and expand new market of Malaysian farming development 2. Collaborating with private sector and section / federal government agency to produce efficient and effective cultivation marketing program * Develop an efficient administration in cultivation industry, promoting activity or perhaps agricultural products processing 2. Involve directly in culture industry, specially in marketing activity and products processing.

installment payments on your FELCRA (Federal Land Loan consolidation & Rehab Authority) Government Land Loan consolidation and Therapy Authority began in 1966. Its goal to develop countryside sector by helping its community to participate in nationwide economic actions, thus improving their quality lifestyle. Since Sept 1st 1997, FELCRA is referred to as FELCRA Berhad due to its corporatization. It is no more a Statutory Body nevertheless has become a totally Government owned or operated company. Together with the change of its corporate and business entity, FELCRA is now able to explore start up business opportunities, in accordance with national expansion aspiration. Armed with plantation management and primary activities expertise, FELCRA Berhad is now diversifying its actions into commercial and assistance sectors along with other growing organization areas. Finally FELCRA Berhad aspires to be a successful conglomerate while creating a dynamic, attractive and lucrative rural sector. This is based on its functional strategy which usually balances revenue oriented courses with sociable obligation.

3. Rubber Analysis Institute of Malaysia (RRIM)

Rubber Analysis Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) is the custodian of the plastic industry in Malaysia. Founded on very first January 1998, it has beneath its flip three very well establish companies (RRIM, MRRDB & MRELB), which are now merged as one, which have led significantly to the development of the rubber industry for the last 78 years. The principal objectives is to assist in the expansion and modernization of the Malaysian rubber sector in all aspects coming from cultivation from the rubber tree, the extraction and digesting of its raw rubber, the produce of rubberized products and the marketing of rubber and rubber items.

4. FRIM (Forest Analysis Institute Malaysia)

Forest Study Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is one of the leading establishments in exotic forestry research, both inside the country and abroad. Founded by United kingdom colonial forest scientist in 1929, the former Forest Research Institute with Dr . N. W. Foxworthy as its first chief study officer, started to be a statutory body governed by the Malaysia Forestry R and d Board under the Ministry of Primary Industries in 85 and...

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