Recruitment Term Paper

 Recruitment Term Paper


Usa International University or college

Human Resources Management

Study course Code: MGT 3122

Securities and exchange commission's: D

Term paper upon

" Recruiting & Variety Practices of

Garments in Bangladesh”


Shayla Binta Sayeed

Program Instructor

University Of Organization United Foreign University

DAY OF SUBMITTER: April twenty-seven, 2011

Brand: Sk. Ashraf Ali

Company: United Intercontinental University

IDENTITY: 111083047

(Made final Customer survey & last editing & 5 surveys)

Name: Rokshana Shirin

Start: United Intercontinental University


(Done 2 research and helped in croping and editing & preparing Questionnaire)

Term: Israt Sharmin

Institute: United International School

ID: 111073064

(Preparing questions, finding details and helped in editing)

Name: Shamma Hoque

Commence: United Foreign University

IDENTITY: 111092214

(Helped in croping and editing & organizing Questionnaire)

Brand: Sharmin Ajad Shormi

Company: United Intercontinental University

ID: 111081200

(Helped in editing & preparing Customer survey Done 3 surveys)

Professional summary

Through the end of our semester i was assigned to work on a term paper, which includes Recruiting & Collection Practices in Bangladesh. As being a developing region Bangladesh provides a pool of inexpensive labors. With the help of these pool of cheap labor Bangladesh developed a very strong garment sector. There are other countries like China, India and many more happen to be competing with Bangladesh. It gave job to lots of people especially females. Now Garments sector takes on a vital role pertaining to the economy of Bangladesh. Recruitment & Variety practices in these garments are more or much less similar. Their main assets are the labors. There are 1000s of labors working in various clothes industries. Clothes as a business recruits and selects persons in a different way than other organizations

Letter of Transmittal

April twenty-seven, 2011


Shayla Binta Sayeed


School of Business

United International College or university

Subject: Submitting of term paper upon Recruitment & Selection Methods in Bangladesh.

Dear Friend,

Here is the survey that you have assigned us as being a partial satisfaction of the course on Human being Recourse Management. The report is for the " Recruitment & Assortment Practices in Bangladesh”.

We hope that the evaluation that we have performed is up to your expectation. It is often an informative experience for us and we include tried our best to target all related things properly that we have.

Seriously yours,

Sk. Ashraf Ali

Rokshana Shirin

Israt Sharmin

Shamma Hoque

Sharmin Ajad Shormi


This is updating that the survey on Recruitment & Variety Practices in Bangladesh have been prepared in partial satisfaction of the program Human Alternative Management. It is prepared for academic functions only. This is simply not copied by any book, journal, newspaper and websites.

Sk. Ashraf Ali

Rokshana Shirin

Israt Sharmin

Shamma Hoque

Sharmin Ajad Shormi


Initially we are thankful to our Luminous Allah, whom gives all of us strength to complete this report. After that we would like to thank each of our honorable study course teacher Shayla Binta Sayeed for offering us the opportunity to do the record. On the type of this survey, we once again want to thank each of our honorable program teacher intended for providing the format and make all of us understand regarding the format and all our group members for their work in collecting data and also other materials. Therefore , warm due to them intended for supporting us and providing us sufficient amount of information.

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