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The main purpose of this report is to become an idea about the functions of Janata Bank Limited, a second-generation bank with the country and make an market analysis around the banking sector of Bangladesh. Banks will be profit – earning matter. The ‘word " Bank” refers to the bank deals with funds transaction. Financial institutions collect deposit at the most reasonable cost and offer loans and advances for higher cost. The difference between two is the profit for your bank. Commercial financial institutions are the principal contributors for the country. The revenue making sources of banks are mainly financial loans and improvements. The credit rating facility may be of two sorts: funded and non-funded. Funded credit can be expensive pertaining to the banking companies, as the bank has to spend interests. Non-funded credit contains Letter of Credit, which is the main source of income for the foreign exchange organization. If a bank can increase its import and foreign trade transactions, it is profit will obviously reach a higher level, while the costs are negligible. This report is definitely an attempt to reflect the positioning of Janata Bank Limited in the bank industry techniques, policies and activities with emphasis on foreign exchange business. 1 ) 2 Backdrop of the Study�

After completion of 130 credit hours of BBA program needs a report about practical experience. Internships program is important criterion for Bachelor of Business Supervision (BBA) college students, designed to push them in a demanding environment of the relevant discipline, where the students get test opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge into practical applications. During the internship training, learners have the opportunity to undertake themselves in the particular environment of the business. It provides a one of a kind opportunity to begin to see the reality of business during student your life, which enables them to building confidence and working know-how in advance of the beginning of their job. To fulfill this requirement every single university of business organize a program of internship. Here we get the opportunity to apply each of our theoretical reassurance that we attained from category lectures, books, journals, circumstance studies, seminar, project, workshop, etc and compare them with practical establishing. 1 . three or more Rational with the Report

Traditional bank is a standard bank, which welcomes money from the customers as deposit and share money because loan towards the borrowers. A bank is usually financial intermediary a supplier in financial loans and debts.; After completing my Bachelor of Business Government (BBA) being a student of " Stamford University”, I wanted to total my Internships program by a respected Bank which in turn would be great for my foreseeable future professional career. I got the opportunity to perform my internship inside the Janata Financial institution Limited. I was sent to Mohammadpur Corporate Part. It was three months practical alignment program. This report is definitely originated while the requirement of Janata Bank Limited This is the last part of BBA program. As a graduated, it is essential to fulfill all, the requirements this program demand. Only after preparing & submitting the report this program becomes completed. Internships is highly necessary to gain useful idea, experience and knowledge. I have picked Foreign Exchange section of Janata Bank Limited because in this article all worldwide transaction take place through Import and Foreign trade. And anyone can easily operate with other overseas countries through L/C. The report entitled " Functionality & Actions of Forex of Janata Bank Limited” has been well prepared as a part fulfillment of BBA program authorized by supervisor, Teachers of Business administration, Stamford University. Nowadays only academic education does not make a student perfect to be competitive together with the outside community.   � I had fashioned to prepare a written report under the direction of Arif Ahmed...

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