Shc 51: Use and Develop Systems That Promote Interaction

 Shc 51: Use and Develop Devices That Promote Communication Dissertation

1 . 1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be dealt with in personal job position. 1 . 2 Explain the right way to support successful communication inside the job part. 1 . 3 Analyse the barriers and challenges to communication within own work role.

As being a Learning Incapacity team head there are many different groups and persons whose requires must be tackled. One group of people are the support users. Their demands must be dealt with as they are the client to whom We am providing a service. The service end user needs to be able to tell me what they want/need and i also need to know what they are sharing with me. There should be effective conversation with this kind of group to be able to meet their needs, the demands of the assistance and to make the service effective. Effective interaction with this group may be supported by ensuring the support users know about the ways they can communicate with you, and providing them the opportunity to do so. One way this is completed is through tenant conferences where they have the opportunity to increase any issue/ask any queries they may include every month, it will help service users feel stimulated as it is all their meeting plus the agenda is placed according to the topic they wish to discuss. Most service users are aware they can knock at your workplace and request to speak with me whenever you want, this is done in my business office privately to keep up confidentiality. I also enter into each tenants flats once a month for a into the safety verify of their flats. This time allows for effective conversation as confidentiality can be managed and they can easily express themselves freely. Each support user has differing requires for connection and these must be appropriately addressed or they may create a barrier to effective communication. A major hurdle with the customer group is having a learning disability. Depending on degree of the disability the barriers can vary from being fairly easy to overcome to being so difficult training is essential. A...

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