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My spouse and i. Summary

Sturdy agricultural organization is a family owned company which has been in existence seeing that 1960. It operates piggery farms in Antipolo, Rizal and Meycauayan, Bulacan. It includes grown conservatively due to limited family solutions. The company was once primarily maintained by Mister. Henry Koh. But in the recent years, his son Mister. Manuel Koh helped in the management from the company. Mister. Manuel Koh saw the opportunity for expansion. The growth is expected to increase income and decrease the price of sales. This however needs substantial sum of capital that can certainly not be given by the company exclusively. Additional assets are necessary. Mr. Bince and Mr. Antonio are interested in providing financial expense to the company to financial expansion in exchange for a administration position.

II. Statement of the trouble

The company is definitely considering development. However , they can be not producing enough income to financial expansion. Exactly what are the company's alternatives?

III. Goals

The objective of this kind of analysis is always to able to identify the best possible strategy to the company to find methods to fund expansion.

IV. Critical elements / Areas of consideration

Stable agricultural firm is family run and operated company. Even though it gains minor profit, there were no mention of any significant financial burden. Mr. Manual Koh, the operations director and child of the proprietor saw a possibility for expansion. Since the company is not finically in a position to pursue the expansion, this individual looked to get other options.

Mr. Bince and Mister. Antonio are interested investors. They might be able to spend the necessary amount to pursue while using expansion. They can also provide competence in agribusiness management considering they are also associated with poultry assignments and embryon marketing. Consuming new buyers would mean significant adjustment in Solid Agricultural Company as the new traders will take lively part inside the management with the...

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