Teenage Pregnancy and the Health Risks to the Uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived Child

 Essay about Teenage Pregnancy and the Health Risks to the Unborn Child

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Teenage Pregnancy and Health threats

Betty Samuelsen

Western Governors University

Young girls should certainly refrain from the peer pressure of becoming pregnant. Becoming pregnant at a young era may possess consequences together with the range of significance. Pregnant teenagers are pushing others to become pregnant by means of peer pressure. Teens will be watching an excessive amount of television that encourages them to become pregnant. Pregnant state is a significant reason the dropout level of teenage girls is really high. Teenagers need to be informed of the health threats that they can be faced with if they become pregnant. Research suggests that there are zero easy methods to the difficulty of concerns affecting pregnant teens, including outside affects in the form of various other pregnant young adults and media that encourage being pregnant, the effect of pregnancy over a teenager's education, and the health risks faced by simply pregnant teens and their uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived children.

Television shows are an example of mass media that complicates the issue of teen pregnancy. Research shows that teenagers, 12-17 years of age, that watch television shows that contain the most sexually suggestive details, are twice as likely to get pregnant (Chandra, 2008). The television market needs to have mare like a balance between sexual content material and the hazards that pregnancies have upon teens (Chandra, 2008). These television shows likewise influence others to become pregnant because it is the one thing to do. For instance , MTV software content implies that if a girl gets pregnant, then the teenage has a one-way ticket to popularity and MTV is also endorsing teen motherhood instead of saying it being a serious problem in the us (Montalvan, 2011).

Television set increases the intricacy of this concern when watching tv programs that make teen pregnancies appealing leads to peer pressure to become pregnant. For example: Girls sixteen and younger have become together to " plan" their pregnancy and how they will raise youngsters together. When the girls will find out if their particular pregnancy test came back positive, they can high five each other, just like they were very pleased to be pregnant at such a young age and they will always be ok (Males, 2008). Expert pressure is usually male-to-male and female-to-female, this pressure appears to be harder to face up to from men due to status and getting accepted. However, females get caught in peer pressure to " fill a void" in their lives and look after a marriage with the opposite sex (Sugland, 1997). Not only is expert pressure a problem, research demonstrates 20% of teens have stated that their parents (46%) can also be a big impact on them making love compared to the twenty percent of friends pressure (Albert, 2010). Precisely what is this stating about parents' influence independently teens? Young adults state that they will wish that they could have more open interactions about sex with their father and mother and be more open in conversation regarding contraception. They believe that this may reduce teen pregnancies (Albert, 2010).

There are also several cultural procedures that confuse how teenagers think about pregnancy. In adolescents' views about sex, it can be on their thoughts most of the time whether they are sexually active themselves. Views differ from race to race regarding the frequency of sex among all of their peer groupings, for instance African-American perceive even more sex than among expert groups inside the European-and Mexican-American peer organizations. (Mahavarkar, Madhi, & Mule, 2008). Teenage pregnancy is not just a local difficulty, but can be described as global concern even with the conflicting info from examine to study. The previous new labor government in England identifies pregnant schoolgirls as being a particularly susceptible group.

In addition , research shows distinct effects of motherhood on the education of pregnant teens. The key cause, 30%, of young adults dropping away of high university is motherhood and motherhood (National Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy, 2010, March). In the uk, the 1st cornerstone of a four...

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