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Tribes Essay 30.08.2019
 Tribes Dissertation

Percy Montmount Dissertation

April thirtieth, 2013

Cody Stevens

Do you think percy montmount is the same as the typical highschool scholar? In my opinion Percy is totally different from the average highschool student. He has a genuinely different persona and does weird things compared to the rest of the college. There are three different causes as to why I do believe Percy differs from the others from the rest of his highschool and they are his personality/apperance, his beliefs, and just how he has established conflics pertaining to himself and what the associated with that are.

Percy is a lot different than the other students. This individual states that his dad had given him his eyes, that happen to be aquamarine, which will Percy claimed he recieved from his father the night time that he previously died. He also has a thin boned, eagle nosed confront. He has its own really wierd behaviours such as stabbing himself in the nipple to relieve the pain that he is sense inside. This individual does it to himself doing this rather than slicing his arms because a tribe called the " Beothuks" used to do that to themsleves. These reference's support the things i have said because most regular students find a better way to handle pain, such as sports, of course, if they are dealing with pain through the use of self damage they tend to slice their arms, not rute themselves inside the nipples. The sole reason Percy does it to himself in the nipple happens because he claims a tribe referred to as the " Beothuks" used to do it in the ancient times. Percy Likewise claims his dad made an appearance after fatality and handed him his eyes, then vanished. Most highschool college students have exceeded the stage of making ridiculous unbelievable items like that up once they still left elementary school.

Percy contains a really distinct personality compared to the other students of his age group. The way this individual thinks of the different teams in the institution is much diverse from the way somebody else would imagine them. Percy calls the groups in the highschool " tribes", just like they are some type of ancient population group. He looks forward to watching the way they act...

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